We believe solving local mobility problems requires a local solution.

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In a MaaS v2.0 platform, citizens have access to all modes of public transport plus carpooling and on demand services, in one single App.

One App for All
Transportation Needs

Plan a multimodal trip that combines microtransit, carpool, bike with public transportation with just 3 steps

Increase Access to
Public Transport for Everyone

No matter which part of the city you live, or how old you are, no matter if you have special needs, we have one solution to cover your needs

Higher Service Quality
with Lower Cost

Reduce wait and walk time while cutting back costs with our dynamic route optimization and automatic dispatch service

Easily plan your trip with public transport and get live updates about network interruptions

Carpool using the same app and save some money. Using our advanced multimodal planner, we integrate carpooling into the public transport network

Micro transit service is available from within the Rekab platform. Citizens can easily book a DRT trip and track the vehicle on their app

With Rekab’s mobility platform, we can build complex mobility related solutions quickly and with high quality.

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Multimodal Microtransit

Learn more about how Multimodal Microtransit can help people of Richmond Hill to get to downtown Toronto.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Learn about Rekab Paratransit platform and how we bring ease of mind to the families.

School Bus

Rekab’s School bus platform can help schools and cities to have a more flexible and optimized network.

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